Beaverton Foods becomes the “New York Yankees of the Mustard World” – hitting a grand slam and winning three gold medals (nine total medals) at the 20th Annual World Wide Mustard Competition in Middleton, Wisconsin this April (2015). The international competition includes 50 judges and 16 flavor categories.

Beaverton Foods award winner, categories and medals include:

Sweet Hot: Inglehoffer Sweet Hot Mustard
Pepper Hot: Beaver Brand Extra Hot Sriracha Mustard
Horseradish: Beaver Brand Wasabi Horseradish

Classic Hot: Beaver Brand Russian Mustard
Horseradish: Inglehoffer Original Horseradish
Garlic: Beaver Brand Garlic Mustard
Fruit: Napa Valley Orange Ginger Mustard

Classic Hot: Beaver Brand Chinese Mustard
Herb/Veggie: Beaver Brand Coney Island