Beaverton Foods Inc. said it has finalized a partnership with the nation’s largest food redistributor.

The company, which generates around $25 million in yearly revenue, will work with Dot Foods Inc., the Mt. Sterling, Illinois group that carries 109,000 products from 775 food manufacturers.

Dot will take Beaverton Foods to all 50 states and 25 countries.

“It means we have national distribution capabilities that we’ve never had before,” said Domonic Biggi, the local firm’s CEO, in a release. “Mom and Pop restaurants now have access to our specialty condiments through Dot Foods. In the past, we managed our distribution all in house and we were often limited to the West Coast.”

The negotiations between Beaverton Foods and Dot Foods started at the beginning of the year. Dot Foods Director of Natural & Specialty Rodd Willis said his company will start distributing the specialty condiments at the end of this month.

“This partnership ties in with our pursuit of more specialty and natural food manufacturers,” Willis said. “Our customers are continuing to look for these types of products, and we feel that Beaverton’s products are right in line with what our customers are expecting from Dot Foods. We have some other condiments in our offering, but the quality of Beaverton’s products and the story behind their products make them a unique supplier for us.”

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