Inglehoffer Creamy Dill Mustard 4 oz

Inglehoffer Creamy Dill Mustard 4 oz


Chicken Marsala

My dad loved mushrooms, and he always ordered veal Marsala when we went out to restaurants. My mom didn't buy veal very often, so she adapted this recipe for chicken and made it on special occasions. He was also very fond of white Burgundy wine, which makes a wonderful accompaniment to this dish.

  By Beaverton Foods

Recipe: Dill Mustard Salmon | Beaverton Foods Specialty Condiments

Dill Mustard Salmon

Salmon and dill is a classic, dill-icious combination! Our Creamy Dill Mustard is the first of its kind a perfect complement to this easy and healthy dish.

  By Beaverton Foods


Inglehoffer Creamy Dill Mustard has a unique flavor that makes it the ideal condiment for seafood. We recommend using our  Creamy Dill Mustard with salmon or as a flavorful side sauce. It also works well as a condiment your next tuna sandwich!


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