Phil Lempert (of review’s of Inglehoffer Ghost Pepper Mustard is in – and he’s calling it a “HIT!”

He gives our hot-n-delicious mustard a 92/100 and says, “The label says this is America’s Hottest Mustard, and I believe it! But it is also one of the best tasting mustards I’ve had.”

“Yes it’s hot, but also the mustard flavor comes through and has a nice clean burn, especially on the tip of your tongue. One look at the ingredients and you’ll see this is the real thing – The first ingredients are red and green jalapeño, chili, cayenne, ghost chili and ancho peppers – wow! I’d like to see them put a Scoville rating on the label so you get a sense of just how hot it is. One teaspoon just 10 calories, no fat, only 120 mg of sodium and one gram of sugars.”

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