Inglehoffer Traditional Dijon Mustard 9 oz

Inglehoffer Traditional Dijon Mustard 9 oz


Simple Roast Chicken

This simple roast chicken recipe by legendary chef Thomas Keller is one of the top-rated chicken recipes on Epicurious. It's an essential, delicious chicken recipe any home cook can master and enjoy.

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Uncle Dom's Caprese Sandwich

Taking a classic Italian appetizer and transforming it into a delicious sandwich for lunch.

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Recipe: Antipasto Pasta Salad | Beaverton Foods

Antipasto Pasta Salad

Enjoy this simple pasta salad full of pepperoni, salami, prosciutto, cucumbers, tomatoes and olives with a special dressing. Easy to make and delicious!

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Recipe: Chicken and Mushrooms in Mustard Wine Cream Sauce | Beaverton Foods

Chicken and Mushrooms in Mustard Wine Cream Sauce

Here’s our take on an easy to make French home-style chicken recipe. This recipe is traditionally made with meat from a whole chicken. However, modern cooks have found that using boneless/skinless chicken breasts and thighs is easier.

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Recipe: Home-Style Salad Nicoise | Beaverton Foods Specialty Condiments

Home-Style Salad Nicoise

This traditionally French salad featuring Dijon Mustard is bright, fresh and perfect for spring or summer!

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Inglehoffer Traditional Dijon Mustard is less spicy than other dijon mustards. Instead, our dijon offers a robust, sweet flavor making it a universally delicious condiment for almost any meal. Dijon on, mustard lovers!


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